OCVagabond to the Present... by Rafael Farias

Welcome to the new site! I say new despite the fact that it's been up for awhile. Due to a recent switch in hosting companies and my newfound dedication to working on the site, I'll call it new. So really it's my freshly redesigned site. So let me start over.

Welcome to the freshly redesigned site! As some of you know this is my second website. My first site was ocvagabond.com. That website was a slightly (all the way) tongue-in-cheek travelog dedicated to my one year trip to South America, southeast Asia, and southern Europe.

I shall start my new blog on rafaelfarias.photography by posting some of the old stories I previously wrote for ocvagabond.com. As a note of caution, I entertained writing that website in the third person. While I personally found it a hilarious way to retell my travels via an out of body method, I also found it much more difficult to maintain the style of writing consistently throughout a blogpost.

As I wrote blog posts for that site I also came to the conclusion that it was taking too much time from my travels to write about them, thus I never fully fleshed out the site as thoroughly as I should have. So here it is, the republication of many old blog posts AND fresh new posts to complete the story. I'll also add new content focused on photography.